9 03, 2012

Conquer Social Media with Discipline and Order


Military Ribbons with Facebook and Twitter 'ribbons'

I get it! I’ve heard quite a bit recently from clients and colleagues about the inordinate time it takes to work the social media scene. I’m not denying it.

These are also the same folks who are desirous of growing their businesses.

Now I find this curious: If you want to grow your business and you’re provided with a tool to do so, then why […]

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9 03, 2012

Print Isn’t Dead!


Just finished a new brochure for Ironwood Landcrafters. You can find a snapshot of it on my Brochures page as well as below.

Why create printed collateral in this digital day-in-age? Simple, a good fifty percent of the business and consumer world still prefers the tactile experience of holding and reading a paper brochure. It’s cast more in stone (per se) than the fleeting changes seen on […]

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1 03, 2012

78 Calls To Action!


Part Five (and last!) in a series on the Marketing Equation
Action! Film Slate

You’ve rehearsed; set the scene; and actors are waiting in the wings (per se). Curtain up! And…  Action!

That’s the general idea in the Marketing Equation: You’ve grabbed your audience’s attention, convinced them through engagement to stick around for more. With your keen dramatic sensibilities you’ve got them on the edges of their seats […]

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21 01, 2012

About the Cornucopia


Cornucopia In Art

In Clarity and Mystery, Nancy Friedman at Fritinancy touches on a subject close to home. In her post, she cites Stephen Sondheim’s observations about narrative art, which she translates to apply also to naming (as in business naming). Both agree that solely descriptive names are rather weak. Fanciful names are often silly. And suggestive names, landing in the […]

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4 01, 2012

Are You Waiting for the Marketing Genie?


Marketing Genie Lamp

Have you seen those Progressive Insurance commercials? You know…The ones with the pushy gal with the headband and funky voice?

In the commercial, folks go into an insurance ‘retail’ store to choose auto or home policies off the shelf. It looks just like how we used to buy software. (Remember when we used to buy software off the shelf?) Big colorful cardboard box, shrinkwrapping, fancy packaging – in […]

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3 11, 2011

Delivering on Your Brand Promise


Promises Ave.

Last week’s post on Truth in Advertising briefly touched on the importance of delivering your brand promise, but I didn’t give you much explanation about it. (Not exactly fair, is it?)

We all know many brands which either deliver their brand promise on the nose (Apple), or get close but miss the mark a bit (Microsoft). The problem with the latter brand is our […]

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28 10, 2011

Is There Truth in Your Advertising?


Spencers Pulomic Elixir

“100% Guaranteed!”

“Make $1 Million in 10 Days!”

“Instantly Cures Baldness”

These promises in advertising have been around for …well… as long as there have been snake oil salesmen.

Most don’t buy into it. Of course, if you don’t know the claims an ad makes are too far fetched to be true, you might buy it in the hope it will solve your problem. Hence, the […]

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8 10, 2011

How’s Your Brand Loyalty?


It’s been a strange week here in wine country. We did have a dark and stormy night (or two), which is unusual this early in October. Harvest feels like it’s moving at a glacial pace with the vast majority of crop still on the vine ripening. And we lost a visionary much too early who truly had reshaped how we communicate with one another across […]

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31 08, 2011

Building Your Email Treasure Chest


Treasure Chest

You’ve got your first newsletter or blog post written and ready-to-go. You’re itching to get it out and hit the Send button.

You’ve got another dozen ideas behind it for future posts you’ll send out every week or two. You’re raring to go! But, oh, wait! – You’ve only got a few dozen email addresses collected from customers and colleagues you’ve met recently. (Sigh.)

Where else do you find good […]

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13 07, 2011

Website Success Tips: The Eyes Have It


What Does the Eye See?

Fifteen to twenty years ago, when you stepped off the edge of the abyss and ventured outside your office intranet, or dialed out to AOL for a foray into the wild jungles of the world wide web, you’d never know what might happen.

Would you quickly hear that funky phone connection tone when you arrived safely at AOL? Or would you end up marooned on an […]

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