“How should I know what paper stock is best?”

It’s simple. You don’t need to know…except what you like. You’re the expert on your company and its products. We’re the experts in marketing and design. That’s why we’ll handle all the project production from start to finish. We never hand our clients their camera-ready art and say, “Sayonara! You’re on your own.” From art direction through proofing and press check, right up to delivery at your door, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

The very best and most successful design work is a collaborative effort between the artist, producer and (of course) the client! In preparing identity pieces and collateral, we strongly advocate working with the printer from the get-go of the design process (and we’ll help you select the right one for the job). You get maximum return on your design dollar when the design is hand-tooled to work with a specific printer’s strengths and technical expertise. Printers are often as different as designers, and the best ones will go the extra mile to produce the best product on time and within budget to wow your socks off.

Finding Inspiration

Where does it come from? Probably the same place you found inspiration for your business idea—out of thin air. The difference between our inspiration and yours is how it manifests. Our ideas are generated to solve marketing problems: how to get the word out about a new business or product; how to reach the target audience; what are their hot buttons; and what will make you stand out from the competition.

You can be inspired about anything. But the difference between a good idea and a great one comes from great understanding of the product, company, competition and target customer. Obviously, this is what we strive for—reaching your specific customer base. Sometimes this is done just with one ad, your logo or a billboard. For more complex goals, reaching the target market requires a multi-faceted and complex marketing campaign. We plan out how to maximize your best return on investment (ROI) options using an arsenal of marketing tools, from the internet to print ads, direct mail and so on.


In a tough economy it’s important to be able to grow or shrink your marketing projects to meet a variety of goals. While your sales goals might dictate the need for a six-month long, state-wide direct marketing campaign, your budget may support only a sixty-day campaign across four counties. This is where our marketing creativity enters the picture! Small campaigns can be just as effective as large ones when they are highly targeted. To be successful, it is not always necessary to spend oodles of cash on expensive, slick brochures and catalogs. But it is necessary to spend your budget wisely! And we are exceptionally good at tailoring marketing projects, large and small, to meet the parameters of any size budget.

Gone are the days when we had to print thousands and thousands of brochures (which became obsolete in a matter of months) when we only needed a few hundred. On demand print technology now allows us to customize and print very small lots of professional product collateral, ensuring little waste and permitting quick and easy revisions in real time. So whether large or small in ambition and scale, we look forward to providing you with creative marketing solutions that help you grow your business.

For more ideas, see our Portfolio for examples of our work. And if you’d like to know how other clients feel about our work, see their comments on our Testimonials page. But if you’re ready to get started right away, just give us a call at 707.721.1095 or click on the email link in the upper right.