It’s that time of year again! Every February the family gathers around ye old television to watch a lengthy series of the year’s best commercials (at least that’s the hope) over several hours, interrupted by short bursts of something known as the Superbowl. For those of us in marketing and advertising, it’s the time of year we hope to see a burst of great creativity in those commercials.

This year’s collection of commercials were a mixed lot of creativity and (in some cases) poor judgement. But, by far (of course!), the best commercial…ever…at the Superbowl was Heinz’ “Wiener Stampede” showing a herd of dachshunds running towards Heinz’ collection of (not quite) 57 flavors of condiments.

See if you agree:

For me, this commercial (and frankly any other with a dachshund) makes it all worthwhile, wading through all those football plays and goofy commentary, to see high quality advertising hard at work. Woof!

To see a recap of the top 10 most viral commercials from the Superbowl, check ’em all out at AdFreak. And to see the final tally on voting (doxies came in #2), visit their Results page.

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