For Bonnie Walner, owner of RE:Design in Sonoma, her work as an interior designer and master gardener is most satisfactory when the client beams with pride and joy at finally having the home of their dreams.

While many still incorrectly assume employing an interior designer is a luxury, Bonnie explains in this episode of “Marcia’s Medleys” that most clients actually save money using her services AND get a beautiful home all in one.

With nearly forty years experience in commercial interior design for Charles Schwab as well as designing private homes, she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to get the job done right the first time. If you’ve ever squabbled with a spouse while trying to find one color you both agree upon for a room’s new paint job, Bonnie’s the designer for you! Part counselor and part peacemaker (and ALL designer), Bonnie has the magical touch to save clients time and money on makeover projects.

Full Service Design Leaves No Loose Ends Behind

Ms. Walner offers a host of services from which clients can choose, including color consultation, room planning, finishes, furnishing, fixtures and flooring. All those “F’s” add up to one thing clients are unlikely to find in many designers – a solid Foundation in all aspects of design. In this episode, Bonnie discusses not only her work process with clients, beginning with determining their goals, but also keeps an eagle eye out for potential pitfalls. This may include ensuring furnishings proportionately work with the space, but it also may include advising real estate agents on staging homes for sale to secure top dollar.

Listen in to learn:

  • What are the phrases and feelings that trigger the need for a professional interior designer?
  • How Bonnie can save her customers time and money (and even heartache).
  • A designers methodology in working with clients to achieve their goals.
  • Bonnie’s strategy to garner more referral business.
  • Her recommendations to ensure design success and avoid making mistakes.
  • What marketing tools Bonnie has yet to implement that may bring great success.

Click on the Play button above to listen in on Bonnie’s career history as well as provide tips and tricks for homeowners to solve their own decorating dilemmas.