Cartooned CornucopiaLocated in scenic Sonoma, California, Cornucopia Creations derives inspiration for its marketing campaigns, art direction and rich design work from the lush surroundings. There’s nothing quite like the stratospheric chirps and sonic whizzes of a diving hummingbird ten feet away or the gentle rustling of young olive branches in the breeze to rouse the senses and stimulate fresh ideas.

Though I’ve only been located in the heart of wine country a few years, I’ve been dreaming up and producing innovative ad campaigns, brochure layouts, web designs and more for nearly twenty years. (The prior years gained inspiration from the vertical streets of San Francisco, where we left only part of our heart behind!)

Marcia MacomberWith years of experience in all aspects of marketing, creative and art direction, graphic design and copy writing, we have the expertise you’ll need to launch your startup or promote an existing product line.

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