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A good read about another good read: Do you want to be a better problem solver? A smart thinker? How about improving your memory and cognition? Roger Dooley takes a look at Smart Thinking, a new book on this topic.
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Want to improve your ability to sell your product or service to prospects? Then get your storytelling on! Roger Dooley’s Six Characteristics of Highly Persuasive Stories provides great tips to draw in prospects so they’ll want to learn more from you. And if that’s not enough, follow the breadcrumbs over to Jay Ehret’s Marketing Spot where he’s got great instructions on Writing Your Brand Storyto make it easier to figure out.

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Those face-to-face meetings — however insignificant you may think — DO make a difference. Read Roger Dooley’s Schmoozing Still Works, a fascinating recap of a study on how effective minor small talk can be at gaining a favorable outcome.

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Do you like to make stuff? Did you know customers love to build their own product? Of course, if it’s too hard or too easy, they don’t feel the reward and value isn’t as high. Check out these suggestions in Build Product Love with the IKEA Effectfor improving your own product to make customers feel great.

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Wow! In An Easy Way to Make Your Prices Seem Lower, Neuromarketing takes a look at price perception. Did you know the $ symbol makes something appear more expensive? So do commas or decimal points. Fascinating lessons on how to present your prices better!

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Does your Android phone run your life? (Sorry iPhone users!) If you’re a big smartphone user on Android, here are 10 Android Productivity Apps to make your life easier. (And it’s a pretty good list!)

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