Look Into My Cornucopia

Some gaze into crystal balls, I gaze into a goat’s horn. As you know (from my perspective), it is filled plentifully with goodies, new ideas and a bit of fortune-telling mumbo jumbo. (“Oh, look what’s in here: the Magic 8 Ball that disappeared when I was twelve!”)

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sick […]

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About the Cornucopia

In Clarity and Mystery, Nancy Friedman at Fritinancy touches on a subject close to home. In her post, she cites Stephen Sondheim’s observations about narrative art, which she translates to apply also to naming (as in business naming). Both agree that solely descriptive names are rather weak. Fanciful names are often silly. And suggestive names, […]

About the Cornucopia

Happy New Year!

Just wanted to say a quick “Thank You” for sticking with me this year! I know your time is valuable. So I appreciate it greatly when you take the time out of your busy day to look over my weekly missives.
Have a very happy and prosperous New Year!

I’ve been working on my 2012 […]

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Cornucopia, Achievement

This bronze sculpture was created by the famous Art Deco artist, Erté. Most famous for his fashion and costume designs, this French artist was well-known for crafting works decorated with baubles, bangles, beads and all manner of riches! He was also well-known for his whimsy and tongue-in-cheek sense of humor.

I love his depiction of the […]

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About The Cornucopia

…In emergency medicine…evidently!

This was one of many ‘cornucopias’ that came up in Google Image search results.

I think you know I’m not in emergency medical care. However, I do think it gives you quite a good idea of cornucopia’s definition.

The box on which this artwork is adorned is likely to contain a vast array — a […]

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About The Cornucopia

“Too many syllables!”
That’s a common complaint.

Next up is: “I can’t type it. I get your email address wrong. Thank heavens for auto-fill!”

Think of it this way: It makes a good tongue-twister. Practice saying it 10 times fast. You’ll impress your clients.

It’s a veritable “Sally Sells Seashells” thing; how about “‘Cornucopia’ creates classic and clever countless […]

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About The Cornucopia

“California Cornucopia of the World ~ Room for Millions Immigrants ~ 43,795,000 Acres of Government Lands Untaken ~ Railroad and Private Land for a Million Farmers, A Climate for Health and Wealth Cyclones and Blizzards”

While undoubtedly well over 100 years old, this auspicious ad provides another excellent example of Tension and Balance, along […]

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About the Cornucopia

The cornucopia appears throughout Greek art. Here Zeus holds a cornucopia in a frieze. His mother, Rhea, hid him away from his father, Cronus, when he was born so that Cronus couldn’t find him and eat him. (These Greek gods were a violent lot!)

She sent him to the palace on Crete, where the nurses hung […]

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About the Cornucopia

Aequitas Cornucopia Scales Coin
This is either the Greek Goddess Fortuna or Pax depicted upon this ancient coin. You can make out a set of scales in one hand and the symbolic cornucopia in the other. Both goddesses characterized abundance. (Hello: Good Fortune and/or Peace — not exactly bad combinations!) Fortuna also was blind (like Justice…ahem!). So […]

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About the Cornucopia


This one is made of ice! The cornucopia is an ancient Greek symbol, deriving ultimately from the coveted horns of the now extinct aurochs, a huge breed of wild cattle. ‘Corn’ refers to the modern word ‘horn’ much as unicorn means ‘one horned’.

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