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Erte Cornucopia Bronze

Some gaze into crystal balls, I gaze into a goat’s horn. As you know (from my perspective), it is filled plentifully with goodies, new ideas and a bit of fortune-telling mumbo jumbo. (“Oh, look what’s in here: the Magic 8 Ball that disappeared when I was […]

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Cornucopia In Art

In Clarity and Mystery, Nancy Friedman at Fritinancy touches on a subject close to home. In her post, she cites Stephen Sondheim’s observations about narrative art, which she translates to apply also to naming (as in business naming). […]

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Happy New Year!

Just wanted to say a quick “Thank You” for sticking with me this year! I know your time is valuable. So I appreciate it greatly when you take the time out of your busy day to look over my […]

Cornucopia, Achievement

Erte  - Cornucopia, AchievementThis bronze sculpture was created by the famous Art Deco artist, Erté. Most famous for his fashion and costume designs, this French artist was well-known for crafting works decorated with baubles, bangles, beads and all manner of […]

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Cornucopia Emergency Medicine Pic…In emergency medicine…evidently!

This was one of many ‘cornucopias’ that came up in Google Image search results.

I think you know I’m not in emergency medical care. However, I do think it gives you quite a good idea of cornucopia’s […]

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Cornucopia Art“Too many syllables!”

That’s a common complaint.

Next up is: “I can’t type it. I get your email address wrong. Thank heavens for auto-fill!”

Think of it this way: It makes a good tongue-twister. Practice saying it 10 times fast. You’ll impress your […]

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California Cornucopia Ad

California Cornucopia of the World ~ Room for Millions Immigrants ~ 43,795,000 Acres of Government Lands Untaken ~ Railroad and Private Land for a Million Farmers, A Climate for Health and Wealth Cyclones and Blizzards”

While undoubtedly well over […]

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Greek Frieze - Zeus with Cornucopia

The cornucopia appears throughout Greek art. Here Zeus holds a cornucopia in a frieze. His mother, Rhea, hid him away from his father, Cronus, when he was born so that Cronus couldn’t find him and eat him. […]

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Ancient Greek Coin wCornucopia Image

Aequitas Cornucopia Scales Coin

This is either the Greek Goddess Fortuna or Pax depicted upon this ancient coin. You can make out a set of scales in one hand and the symbolic cornucopia in […]

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Cornucopia Ice Sculpture


This one is made of ice! The cornucopia is an ancient Greek symbol, deriving ultimately from the coveted horns of the now extinct aurochs, a huge breed of wild cattle. ‘Corn’ refers to the modern word ‘horn’ much as unicorn […]