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Website Design

Your company's best face forward 24/7 so you never miss an opportunity to make the sale.

Responsive sites to fit all devices, large and small

From mobile to desktop, your site can match a visitor’s viewing preferences via office or on-the-go.View Samples

Video Production

Fast, easy, branding and content videos to capture your customers' attention without a huge price tag.

Effective Premium Videos without Premium Price

No fancy lights or make up. Just simple equipment, speedy filming and editing for video that delivers.View Samples

Logo & Brochure Design

Rise above the competition with stand out visuals and zingy copy to lure your ideal clients.

Visuals that Grab Attention with Wordsmithing that Nails It

No cookie-cutter clip art logos. Just custom-made visuals and handcrafted verbiage.View Samples

Traditional Advertising

If your target audience still reads words on printed paper, you can still get great results!

From newspaper to postcard ads ─ they still work!

…and not just as ‘spray & pray.’ Ask how using the right venue at the right time guarantees results.View Samples

Label/Package Design

With our wine label or food packaging design, you can stand out from the crowd.

Cutting Edge Visuals to Give Your Business the Edge

Get great packaging design that draws buyers’ eyes from a crowded shelf to your product.View Samples

Social Media Services

What's its ROI? Answer: How much do you want to keep your customers? Thought so...

Your audience is using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...

If you’re not, you’re missing opportunities to build loyalty or make sales. We can show you how!Learn More

What our clients have to say

Starting a new business within the wine industry can be a challenge, but working with Marcia certainly eased our concerns. From logo and wine label design, to our professional business cards, Marcia has been a joy to work with. Marcia has a unique way of understanding her client’s vision, and transforming that vision in to professional and unique graphics.
Bill and Lorie, Vintners, Lucy Goose Wine
I recently had the pleasure of working with Marcia to create a brochure for my wholesale wine accessories company. The result is an attractive and effective marketing piece that speaks very well for our business. Marcia covered the entire scope from graphics, to writing, to marketing savvy, and I’m looking forward to working with her on other projects.
Kathy Leon, President, The Meritage Company
I didn’t think it was possible to make my logo fabulous. Cornucopia Creations made a design that I absolutely love. Marcia was patient with me in putting this together. She asked the right questions to bring out my sense of style in her creation. I have received great compliments on my new business cards. Thank you again for helping me out. You do amazing work. Great Job.
Millie Binz, President, Binz and Company
Thank you for all your help this past year in re-tooling our company advertising. From brainstorming on our new company slogan, through the re-invention of our company logo and designing fresh and newly focused ads, it has been a pleasure working with you. It’s always a pleasure to work with someone who communicates effectively and responsively in tight timeframes.
Chris Salese, President, Del Sur Mortgage

Who (What) Is the Cornucopia?

I’m not a cornucopia, but I do have endless ideas — something of a requirement in the marking business. I’ll explain more about the cornucopia later. See, I’m more Cole Porter than Rodgers & Hart. (But, please, don’t call me, “Cole.” I’m Marcia Macomber; alas, there’s no “Porter” in the family tree.) Most creative agencies have to employ one person for visuals and another for the writing: Pictures and words from separate sources. But my brain doesn’t work that way. I do both! Headlines come to me at the same time as the visual image. It’s not ‘Night and Day.’

If I get a great line but can’t come up with a compatible visual representation right away, I’m moving on to the next idea (and vice versa). In a larger agency, or in one with separate writers and designers, one guy has to wait for the other to come up with an idea. Then the first guy has to wait for the other one to flesh out the other half of the idea. I am too impatient to wait for the other guy. It’s that simple. Time is of the essence. I don’t have to wait for ‘the other guy’ to be… [Read more...]

Photoshop Layers Edited
Client Logos Designed
Web Pages Created
Ads Designed in 19 Years


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